Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Linguistic Intelligence is defined as having the following criteria:
a deep understanding of words and a sensitivity to the literal and figurative meanings of words,
highly developed oral and written communication skills,

knowledge of grammar rules and when it is appropriate to disregard those rules,
sensitivity to the musical qualities and rhythms of words,

knowledge of the many different uses for language, such as persuasion, information, or pleasure.
Poets, writers, and public speakers are examples of linguistically intelligent people.
Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln are famous examples of linguistically intelligent people.

Linguistic Learner : "The Word Player"
Linguistic intelligence is the ability to use language to excite, please, convince, stimulate or convey information.

Linguistic Intelligence involves not only ease in producing language, but also sensitivity to the nuances, order and rhythm of words.

Poets exemplify this intelligence in its mature form.

Students who enjoy playing with rhymes, who pun, who always have a funny story to tell, who quickly acquire other languages -including sign language - and who write copious notes to their friends in class all exhibit linguistic intelligence.
Hi, my name is James and my main strength is Linguistic intelligence because I:
• Ask lost of questions
• Enjoy talking
• Have good vocabulary
• Can pick up new language easily
• Enjoy playing with words: word games, puns, rhymes
• Enjoy reading
• Like to write
• Understand the functions of language
• Can talk about language skills
• Am good at memorising names, places, dates and trivia
My best products are:
Novels Non-fiction
Speeches Stories
Myths/legends Lyrics
Poems Instructions
Manuals Newspapers
Magazines Plays
Arguments Debates
Jokes Puns
Crosswords Scrabble/word games
Scripts Advertising copy
I learn best by:

Saying, hearing and seeing words Talking
Writing Reading

When I grow up I could be a:

Novelist Poet
Barrister Politician
Actor Story-teller
Orator Journalist
Comedian Speech writer

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porcelainproject said...

assalam, pak nusronn pa kabar pak? =) dulunya saya ga tau linguistics nih skg di kuliah blr kaya begini makin pusing pakk, cud u share with me in this case?